Morely Health Communications

Why do we get bruises?
Why is there blood under my skin?
Why are our bones hard?

I’ve got the ‘why’ bug too...
Just as a child is fascinated about why our bodies do what they do, I want answers too. I want to know why it can all go wrong and, more importantly, how people can get better once again. I know that I’m not alone. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet are all packed full of information about our health. We all want life’s answers.

For the past 20 years I’ve worked in healthcare communications. My experience spans clinical trials recruitment and retention, medical education and public relations programmes. I’ve been involved at those key moments in a medicine’s life. I have used my communications expertise to nurture my clients’ prescription medicines from their baby and toddler years right through to adulthood and helped them develop into grown up brands.

I’ve worked with pharmaceutical companies, doctors, nurses, consultants, patients, caregivers, politicians and journalists to communicate answers to health questions and, where necessary, shout them from the rooftops to those who need to know. I’ve spread the word about clinical research results, scientific breakthroughs, new and tried and tested medicines, new uses for old medicines, treatment guidelines and approaches and patient experiences across therapy areas. Needless to say, our industry regulations on communication have always applied.